open house continues in 2023!

Open House 2023

We are THRILLED to say that Open House will continue throughout the whole of 2023!

Last year, year we launched ‘Open House’, a community initiative to support those in NE Lincolnshire who feel lonely and socially isolated. The project, spearheaded by three members of our team; Kate, Katie-Lou and Kay has welcomed 76 individuals through the doors (beating their target of 50) and a combined total of 195 visits across the eight sessions since launch. You can read more about the project in this Facebook Post.

We were aware that many people’s mental health was suffering after two years of the global pandemic. We knew that for some, even just going out and meeting new people was daunting, especially after a long period of isolation. Our remit has always been to be more than just a brewery and venue, and we thought we could help tackle these issues with Open House.

Open House 2023 Visitors

We are committed to keeping Open House going next year, but funding is always a concern. Docks Beers covers the monthly costs of delivering this project, but to ensure its long-term delivery and expansion we need financial support. We are keen to hear from organisations or individuals who would like to help us continue the great work we are doing.

One of the regular Open House attendees, Greg Morter, commented “Open House has helped me to talk and mix with different people in a relaxed environment. It has boosted my confidence and enabled me to express myself without any pressure.”

We are a safe haven and we’re here for people who feel alone, those who want to make new friends or just get out of the house, for those that simply want a chat or to feel part of a community. The next Open House is on Thursday 9th February, you can attend any time between 12-9pm. If you can’t attend February’s, Open House is on every second Wednesday of each month. If you’d like to find out more email

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