info for promoters

av list

PA System
Meyer Sound MSL-4 x 4
Meyer Sound 600HP x 4
Ohm TRS115 Stage Monitor x 1
Ohm TRS112 Stage Monitor x 5

Audio Kit
Sennheiser E845 x 3
Shure Sm58 x 3
Audix FP7 x 1
Audix DP7 x 1
Gravity 4322 Large Stand x 1
Shure SM57 x 3
Behringer DI20 x 5
Gravity Short Stand x 4
Allen & Heath SQ6 Mixing Desk x 1
Allen & Heath AR2412 Audio Rack X 1

Lighting Kit
Showtec Club Par 12/4 x 8
Eurolite Pixel Bar x 10
Marq Moving Head x 6
Chamsys PC Wing Lighting Desk x 1
Laptop Lenovo s340 x 1


Free flow: 300

Theatre seating: 196

Any additional holds for guests or production must be made on confirmation of the show.

door times & curfews

Door times are as per your requirements; however, please note our standard door time for concerts is 7.00pm with an 11.00pm curfew.


The venue is licensed to serve alcohol and play recorded music until 1am. Live music can be played until midnight. Later licences can be arranged. Please contact the venue to discuss your requirements.


All ticketing for the venue is done through SeeTickets.

Events can be viewed online:

Box Office: 01472 289795

The venue requires a minimum of a 50% allocation of the saleable capacity.

age restrictions

The majority of Docks Academy events are 14+ unless otherwise stated. (Under 18’s are to be accompanied by an adult).

load in

Load In is up one flight of stairs – stage left. Width: 1.25m Height: 2.00m

Parking for load in is in the yard to the side of the Docks Academy.  Load in is not to start before 3pm. If you require access for production load in prior to 3pm we charge £100.00 per hour. Please contact us in advance to arrange if you require early access to dressing rooms, charges may apply.


stage dimensions

Width 8.3m

Depth 4.5m

Height 0.93m

additional on-site equipment

We have a Pearl Masters drum kit and a Markbass CMD 151p Jeff Berlin bass amp.  Bands may use this equipment by prior arrangement.