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The Gig Cartel presents Stornaway three-piece Peat & Diesel on Wednesday 19th June!

Peat & Diesel 2024 Grimsby Docks Academy

Peat & Diesel embark on their 2024 journey this summer, bringing you their full-on teuchter rock from the Isle Of Lewis, and what a journey it’s going to be. After a very busy 2023 and numerous headline shows throughout the year, the boys took a wee winter break and are refuelled ready to bring you some great music and make some incredible memories this year. Visiting new towns, new festivals and in May see not only the boy’s biggest show to date, but biggest two shows. 5,000 per night are expected to show you the way they do it at the Black Isle Belter being held in the Highlands. Two days of celebrating great food, drink and of course music, including some fabulous guest artists including The View and The Feeling, all topped off by P&D each night. Now That’s the way we do it in the Western Isles.


Tickets for Peat & Diesel at Docks Academy in Grimsby are now on sale, available down below!

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