We recently hosted Fresh Catch 3, the third outing of our new music nights, which featured emerging music talent on the Docks Academy stage.

Taking place on Friday 8th September, we welcomed four bands for Fresh Catch 3: The Loving Memory, DB Jones, Archie and the Astronauts, and Lonerz. All these bands have been making waves not only locally, but wider across the country, performing headline shows and festival slots.

Here’s a look back at Fresh Catch 3 with all images featured by Sam Sharp.

Fresh Catch 3 Recap Header

We think it’s essential for emerging artists and bands of this area to have a regular platform at a smaller venue like ours. Grassroots music and the local music community is something we really want to support and cultivate and hopefully Docks Academy can become a vital stepping stone in the progression of new musicians’ careers.

Fresh Catch embodies this, giving people the opportunity to hear artists when they’re starting out and see and hear them from a close vantage point.

Archy and the Astronauts at Docks Academy in Grimsby

We’ve already had a number of local artists such as Hattie Cattell, Revivalry, Matt Lloyd, Indigo Bay, Last Of The Wonder Kids, Orphan Boy, Eden Rae, Daniel Cliffe, The Wingmen, Luke Robinson, Kings & Bears, The Rills, Life, Healer, and Reardon Love, plus many more.

Fresh Catch 3 Recap

LONERZ – Performing on Stage

Lonerz is an indie Band from Grimsby, Consisting of members Ollie (Guitar and Lead Vocal) Joe (Drums and Backing Vocal) & Ian (Bass and backing vocals).

Formed Originally in November of 2021 the band has finally secured a Line up with the passion and drive to create and perform to a high level. Armed with catchy lyrics and melodies, Lonerz strive to capture the sound of a raw Indie feel. The band are inspired by the likes of Mcfly, Yungblud and The Hoosiers.

Notable moment of the night was the bands’ cover of McFly’s hit “5 Colours in Her Hair” which had the audience chanting back the hook of the track, warming them up for the rest of the evening!

Lonerz’s Setlist on the night:
Drum intro
Run Away
Think I’m Gonna Die
I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles Cover)
Stupid Kidz
Romeo & Juliet (new single)
Feels Better
5 Colours in Her Hair (Mcfly Cover)

Archy and the Astronauts – Archy pictured performing

Archy and the Astronauts use gritty, hard-hitting riffs with driving walls of sound to grasp their audiences with energy and tenacity. The band has gathered influences from across all genres of music, executing their sonic vision with witty lyricism and catchy hooks. With unmatched drive and on-stage prowess, these up-and-comers bring a fresh and youthful exuberance to modern rock.

Despite being a relatively young band, the guys in the band brought the energy by the bucket-loads. Opting to perform a couple of the songs in the crowd up close and personal. They may be young, but they have have more confidence and stage presence than many bands of their age.

Archy and the Astronauts’ Setlist on the night:
Something Funny
Cut your Teeth
Abandon the Mission
Stone Cold Killer

DB Jones at Fresh Catch in Docks Academy in Grimsby

DB Jones – Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist, David Farnan

DB Jones are a 4-Piece indie-rock band from Lincoln. With catchy hooks, a highly energetic and tight live performance, they’re not a band to be missed.

After making rounds on the UK Circuit, supporting bands such as The Sherlocks, Bilk, and The Rills, plus their first headline show, DB Jones are proving to be unparalleled in their genre and are tipped to make waves in the UK music scene.

Their set at the Church featured soaring choruses, catchy melodies, and a full sound provided by accompanying tracks to round off and make their live set sound as close to the recorded tracks as possible.

DB Jones Setlist on the night:
Chasing the feeling
Lost you to the weekend
Isn’t what I wanted
Waking up
Too Bad Baby
Maybe just don’t
Take from me

The Loving Memory at Docks Academy in Grimsby, which features Cleethorpes singer and songwriter Sam Simmons

The Loving Memory – Full band on the Docks Academy Stage

Fronted by Cleethorpes singer/songwriter Sam Simmons, The Loving Memory are a post-punk/shoegaze band from Cleethorpes. They are influenced by bands such as Public Image Ltd., Joy Division, Slowdive, Loop, Stereolab. They have been well received at shows up and down the country since they began in 2015. They released their self-titled debut album in December 2022.

The Loving Memory’s Setlist on the night:
Another High
Pictures Of Virtue
Icon (Siouxsie & The Banshees Cover)
Chain Of Command
Not Enough
No Feelings

Fresh Catch 4

We’re so pleased that Grimsby turned out to support the third edition of our local grassroots night. On the heels of this event, we are pleased to announce Fresh Catch 4: Featuring Intercity (Grimsby), Riverwolf (Grimsby) and M-Fatic (Grimsby).

Tickets are available for Fresh Catch 4 now, with Early Bird Tickets selling out within the first 12 hours of going on sale, you can grab your Advance Tickets here here.

All ticket sales handled by See Tickets.

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